Saturday, August 16, 2008

Welcome to O'Connor's Blog

O’Connor and his Dad were involved in a motor bike accident at approximately 3 pm on Sunday the 10th August. A man who came upon the accident kept O’Connor warm until the rescue helicopter arrived. He was taken to Rotorua hospital. He badly injured his left leg and sustained head injuries. He was taken to theatre to put metal pins in his leg, above and below the knee, to hold the bones in the right place. He was then taken to ICU and cared for by the nurses and doctors. He was given a blood transfusion. We were told that he would need to go to Starship hospital to be cared for in the PICU (Paediatric ICU).

He travelled to Auckland in a red 8-9 seater plane with a nurse and doctor and Poppa and Aunty Jodie. He arrived into PICU at 3:17 on Monday morning. He was being given medication to keep him asleep and to relieve his pain. He was on a ventilator to make sure his breathing was OK.

The doctors were monitoring the pressure on O’Connor’s brain, and it got a little bit higher which was worrying the doctors a bit, so they decided it would be best if they put a small tube into his brain which would help drain out some of the fluid in his head. However the pressure continued to gradually increase and they decided that they should remove a piece of his skull on his left side where there was swelling and pressure from the injury in his brain.

All the rest of the family had arrived at Starship just in enough time to say goodbye to Con as he went into this 2 ½ hour surgery. This helped relieve the pressure on his brain. They gave him medication to keep him asleep, in order to minimise the pressure on his brain.

On Tuesday they took more X-rays of his leg and found some fractures in his lower leftleg aswell, which they put in a cast. The pressures in his brain remained fairly stable.

On Wednesday (13/8) O’Connor went for another short operation on his leg to clean the wound where the femur bone had gone through the skin and stitched up the wound. They started giving him small feeds through his nasogastric tube which he was tolerating well.

On Thursday they reduced the medication that was keeping him asleep to see how he went. This made the pressure in his brain (IPC) go up again, and the nurses thought it might be that O’Connor was feeling some pain from his leg and head, so they put the medication back to half the rate it had been. His IPC then came back to a better level.

On Friday he had a quite stable day, and everyone was happy with how he was doing. They have been able to gradually increase his feeds and he is tolerating this well.

Saturday 16/8
Today has been a good day for O’Connor. He was starting to bite the tube in his mouth, so they shifted his tube to his nose, for his ventilation (breathing). We all got really excited because he moved his left arm and opened his mouth a few times.


Lyteah said...

Hay O'connor.
How are you doing.
Well done for being this strong. Dont worry because i have been praying for you and also your family every night. We know how strong you are, so keep it up!!!
Hi also to mrs buckley, if you are reading this. Also to Katie - Georgia. I know you have been a great help to. I hope you liked our cards we sent over last week. Mine was the one that had ten guitars on it. Today we were doing pride and writing. ( same old boring school ) lol. Well everyday i will tell you about how school went and what hapend.

Lots of hope,
Lyteah Alexander xxooxxooxxoo
take care!!!

woggy said...

O'Connor I am pleased you are making great progress. I was a friend of your Dad's and know how much he loved you and your siblings. He will be watching over you and protecting you and your family. Keep getting better with my love and kind thoughts, Dale

nicole said...

Hope you get well soon everyone is hoping to see you soon be strong you can get through this

Take care
Nicole Durie

Red Pill said...

Go For it Connor.
All the prayers and best wishes from Seatoun.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get well soon O'connor, thinking of you and your family.

Ryan Emery

Caitlin M said...

I hear your doing well O'Connor.
We all miss you lots.
The days at school feel lonely without you around it feels so empty.
You look really cute in hte photo with the spongebob cake.
We did NIE today at school.
It was pretty hard it was all about the olympics.
I miss you so much.
I very much hope you don't wake up and can't rember me or anything.
I pray for you and your family every day.
Please please wakeup please!!!

Caitlin M

Amarna said...

Hi Buckley family,

The blog is a great idea because it keeps every one posted about his family and i have been praying for you guys every single day.

I really hope o'connor gets better soon and we will see you guys all again soon too.So get better soon.

Love Amarna

Lydia said...

PlZ gEt BeTtA!
I Am pRaYiNg 4 U
i hope we get even betta news soon
god bless :)

Anonymous said...

Hey O'connor

Awsome to hear that your doing well. Hope to see you back at school soon.hope you liked our cards.


Caitlin said...

Heyy O'conner

I am thinking of you heaps and miss you lots. I miss your smile, and how you made us all laugh lol and look forward to seeing you. Im praying for you and we all are at school. So we hope you getter better soon and make a recovery. Have strengh to pull through because we know you will
Kia Kaha - be strong
thinking of you!!!

lots and lots of love
Caitlin H

robinwinter said...

Hi Michaela and family,
Praying that God will wrap His arms around you all and surround you with His awesome love. Praise Him for His gentle healing hand upon Oconnor.
Lots of love to you all,
Robin Winter ( your New Entrant teacher from Cambridge St School)

Anonymous said...

we are Rebekah and Therese we go to batmigton.
we hope you get better.
we hope to see you again soon.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Dear Buckleys,
I think of you all often throughout my day, and pray that our gracious God will give you the answer to your prayers - a full recovery for O'connor. I pray that He'll be strengthening you and giving you peace, and restful sleep too. HE IS WITH YOU. It is night now, but morning will come.
"But from everlasing to everlasting the LORD'S LOVE is with those who fear Him..." from Psalm 103.
Love from Sue Abernethy & family.

Anonymous said...

Hi O'Connor and the Buckley family. I had the pleasure of getting to know your Dad for 6 years on the Kindy board. I have been checking on you O'Connor every day and your doing great. A long road ahead but you have all the time in the world to walk it. With a family like yours walking beside you you can do anything. My prays are with with you all. Stay stong.

Robyn (Taupo)

Anonymous said...

Hey Oconner hope ur getting betta. this is james the guy that stayed at your house 4 a few days with nich. memba dat.

Yea c u wen ur better ok bye.

Get well soon

Anonymous said...

Hey O'connor and the Buckley family. I can't get over the fact that my youth group mate is in a Hospital. You are doing so well mates and i really want to come and see you and your family. I was in total shock when heather rang.But i am sooooooo glad that you are making great progress=]
um youth group has been soooo weird without you its like no little o'connor making funny remarks=]
I soooo hope you get better dude.

i be thinking bout you matey potatey.

see ya later aligator don't forget your toilet paper in a while crocodile=]

Loads of love to you and your family
Hailey Maddren=]

conor white said...

hay oconner its conor white (i sit by you) hows it going, schools so weird without you, no crazy, funny comments floating around everyones praying for you and your family, by the way me, jacob and connan are writing a song for you. i just can`t wait to see you, get better soon oconner

love conor

nicole said...

hey o'conner i hope you get better you are in our prayers

all the best
nicole skinner

Anonymous said...

Get Better soon O'Connor

soos said...

Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know you're in our prayers often. Check out Psalm 103.
Love from all the Abernethy's.

onepassiononedevotion said...

just watching you guys on inside NZ - wow what a story! hope that there are lots of good memories and milestones to come - you're all so brave! blessings, claireim

onepassiononedevotion said...

just watching you guys on inside NZ - wow what a story! hope that there are lots of good memories and milestones to come - you're all so brave! blessings, claireim

Prue said...

I am sitting here watching your documentary as I type...

If anything ever happens to my family I hope I have the courage to do what your sister did for special that must feel. As time passes I pray you continue to grow in strength. What a wonderful family you have.

Take care and God bless
Prue Behan

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the courage your family has shown. I recall meeting you all one day at the Rotorua Court(except OConnor as you were in hospital at this stage still), and to see how far you have all come, and to see the happiness you have all found is truly wonderful. I wish you all the very very best, and as I have a brother who has been through a very similar experience (motor vehicle crash with a traumatic head injury), it has given me a lot of hope to see that miracles truly do happen. Thank you again, i will definately keep a keen interest in your progress OConnor. SF

Sarah said...

I just watched the documentary on tv, and would just like to say that you are an amazingly strong and courageous family, and an awesome sister for doing the video for you. Even though I don't know you I am proud of you and how far you have come O'connor and of your incredible family too, I wish you guys all the best, you have such a great family, I hope you guys have a great Christmas and that the coming year brings many new wonderful milestones for you guys.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

I am inspired by the stength shown by you and your family. I'll pray for you!


Anonymous said...

Hello O'Connor and family. I just watched the Inside NZ documentary and was was completely moved by your story so I thought I would leave a message of my own. O'Connor, I was amazed by your progress and I wish you the best of luck for your continued recovery. I just want to thank you guys for sharing your story. What a truely incredible family you are.

Kirsty Eales

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, you don't know me but I just watched the doco on tv 3. I'm not normaly one to comment on things like this but just wanted to say that you make your dad proud every day o'connor. I'm glad your family has found happiness again and feel humble that your sister was brave enuf to share your story with Nz! I am a new father this year and can't even begin to imagine how I would cope if something like this happened to him. All I can say is your doing so well and it's people like your family that make this the best country in the world. Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2010. Chris (Hamilton)

Cyndi Friend said...

I have just watched the programme on TV3 and what a remarkable family you are. Your story has touched my heart. I pray for you to have a full recovery O'connor.

Warm wishes
Cyndi Friend

bryce said...

Wow, what an awesome family. O'connor, you're a star. I will be watching your progress and praying for you. To your family, you guys are just amazing. I trust you will truly be blessed for the completely unselfish way in which you have given so much of yourselves for O'connor. You are so special, thanks so much for sharing your story

gmcnae said...

Hi guys, thanking God with you all and hundreds of "Jesus Christ's Kiwis. We have a story from 5 years ago but it's a horrible situation at present and my tears flowed wishing for an outcome like yours. However the canvas God is drawing on is bigger than we can see. Our sincere love to you all and all praise to the LORD.

Anonymous said...

To the Buckley family
I am also one that watched the Inside NZ doco (which I came across by accident) and although I am not normally one to comment, I just wanted to say how much your family has touched me. I am very close to my younger brother who is also 13, and I was really moved by what Michaela did for O’Conner. Seeing what you have been through reminds me to enjoy every day and every moment I have with my family and not to get hung up on the small things. You are all so brave and deserve all the happiness that comes to you now. My thoughts are with you O’Connor, and your family, and I wish you the best Christmas and a great 2010
Melissa (Auckland )

Anonymous said...

saw your doco last night What a greatidea for future What a brave little man Keep the hard work Merry xams & a great new year for all your family

Lissa said...

Hi guys, I'm another person who watched your doco last night. I was really touched by your story, what a remarkable family you are! O'Connor, your strength is inspirational, I wish you well for the future. I have bookmarked this site so I can keep checking back. Thanks for sharing your story with us xo

Heather said...

Hi there.
Im another person that saw the documentary, and i thought it was so amazing seeing all of o'connors progress. Such a sad thing to happen to a family. I just wanted to say i was truly touched watching the doco, i was in tears most of the programme, but seeing how much O'connor improved in his recovery was so amazing to see. My thoughts are with O'connor and the whole family, a truly inspiring story of strength and courage, all the best O'connor.

anthony kinney said...

hay good stuff for doco i no what feels like to be you shoes i got link for you to look at me helping a boy just like you

keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Hi there, saw your doc last night Micheala,(never write on tehse blogs, but felt I had to) really impressed with your maturity and the self less love of your family for your brother. It has obviously not been an easy road. Your family is indeed a real inspiration to many, your late father & husband would be proud and I believe you have left some real food for thought for a lot of people, thank you. You have reminded me personally to be thankful each day, regardless. From my family to yours we pray that 2010 may be a filled with blessings and that one of many milestones for you O'connor as you continue to rehabilitate. May the Lord richly bless you and keep you!

Angelique & Family

Anonymous said...

To the Buckley family,
thank you for sharing your story. Completely touched my heart and I am sending all my love and wishes your way. You are doing so well O'Connor - I am looking forward to watching your progress on here.
Lots and lots of love from Joanna (Auckland)

Sarah McMenamin said...

i know ive talked to you lots since the documentary, but just came onto this page and wanted to let you and the family know that it was incredibly uplifting and you are such a gem for making such an amazing documentary for O'Connor. he has made such awesome progress!!! you guys are so amazing and incredibly strong. prayers continue to flood your way from me and my family. Love you always bubs xxxx Sarah <3

Lisa Richmond said...

Hi there everyone. What an amazingly strong family you all are. Kudos to you & O'Connor for keeping on keeping on. Myself & our newly blended family of 6 just watched the story this morning 8/1/12 on sky. The twins are O'Connors age & tho they are down to earth open loving kids, they were amazed & further humbled by all your trials & the sheer dynamics of meeting all the families needs. We live in TGA & I am a nurse, I know all too well how the journey is a life long one. No-one should ever underestimate how much energy any small improvement takes from every1 involved & especially O'Connor. My many years in orthopaedics revealed many many miracles that were hard fought & won. My aroha, strength, admiration go out to every member of your family for each have compassion & courage far above their years. I am glad you have found happiness again & steve must be an amazing person. Take care Lisa, David, Matthew, Aimee, Daniel & Amber-kaye

Anonymous said...

Hello, I too watched your story on TV, by chance just lying in bed I turned on the tv and got glued to your families story. I too have had tragedy in my life, and know how quick it can all change everyones life, but we move on, support each other and live each day. When I have time I will go back and read all the updates so I am up to date, as the doco was now I guess about 2 years old. All my love and best wishes to you all. Justine Duff and Family xx

Matthew Bishopp said...

Happy New Year!!! I just want to say that you are incredibly brave. You are a good person and glad I met you. Keep up the good work and well done:)